Kraig has recently revisited an old piece, “Kneeling Woman”, which has evolved into a new sculpture named “Interlude”. “Interlude” is a very contemplative piece. It displays a quiet, thoughtful moment overshadowed with a hint of melancholy. Kraig has said that he began this piece during a crossroad in his life, and during that time his contemplations spilled over into his work. Another inspiration for this sculpture came from the model. Kraig worked exclusively from a model for “Interlude” and from her quiet, thoughtful personality the contemplative expression and air of melancholy was born.

Kraig wanted to experiment with a kneeling pose by putting it into a contrapposto position. This gave the sculpture elegant lines that celebrate the female figure. Kraig brought beautiful expression into the body, allowing every line to participate in the story of a captured moment. “Interlude” stands at 27” tall, and is a beautiful representation of quiet gravity.